Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Other Bike In My Garage

I should mention that I also own a 1995 Honda XR600R. The XR is street legal (barely) and is a bike I wanted to own since owning a Honda XR650L back in the 90s. The 600 starts out about 50 lbs lighter the 650, has more power, and better gearing. Only drawback (with the 600) is it's kickstart only. Considering that it's never taken me more than 5 kicks (after sitting unridden in my garage for 3-4 months) to start it AND the electrical system is MUCH simpler (than the 650's) I got what I wanted.
Yes, a modern EXC KTM is a MUCH better bike, but I don't feel guilty letting the XR sit unridden in my garage where I would (feel guilty) doing the same with a $10,000 KTM.

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